Eco Civ convening on agriculture, co-sponsored by Pando Populus and LATTC/Architecture

Claudia Pearce, Pando; Tuck Taylor, Pachamama Alliance; Ignacio Castuera; Mervis Reissig, Pando; Dianne Thomas, Carson Coalition
Jason Sanders, EcoSafe Zero Waste; Mike Saijo, USC IGMAG; Paris Smith, Natural Ivy Fdn.; Gina Garcia, Sustainable Works
Marcela Oliva, LATTC Professor Architecture; Les Hamasaki, USC IGMAG; Antonin Giraud, Intern CD 5; John B. Cobb, Jr., Ph.D
Benjamin Cowan, Eco Civ/Center for Process Studies; Susan Hillbrand, IGMAG
Andy Shrader, Director, Environmental Affairs & Sustainability, CD 5 (Koretz); Amy Goldberg, Consultant; Claudia Pearce, Pando
Susan Hillbrand explaining the spiritual elements of community collaboration
Susan Hillbrand; Jezreele DeCohen, Natural Ivy Foundation; Eugene Shirley, Pando Populus
July 12, 2016
LA Trade Tech College Architecture & Design Dept.

The focus of this convening, stated by John Cobb, PhD, the Center for Process Studies, Claremont College, was agriculture.  The discussion opened with the education roadmap, a holistic document inclusive of the 12 sectors that cover all areas of human activity, all inter-connected. The group's task was to refine the written framework that will guide global leaders in the transformative journey from here to there.  The documents included these transformative shifts:       Click top photo for slide show by Lynn Crandall

• From short-term to long-term policies;
• From an ethics of profit to an ethics of people. That is decisions will be driven not by large financial interests but by and for the people;
• From human-centered calculations to an ethics for people and the land

The Eco Civ road maps studied by the group, provide, sector by sector, the big picture of what leaders will need to do as they help move society toward sustainable practices. The intended outcome of the day's discussion was to explore best practices for the group to launch this process in Greater LA and beyond.

Agriculture was the sector of the discussion chosen for the day's focus in order to provide a valuable perspective on the goals and purposes of the environmental interests of the participants.

The format for the day maximized the allotted time to allow for creative positive and critical comments on the Agriculture Roadmap, to brainstorm with others and to provide an opportunity for all participants to offer their own contributions to this movement toward ecological civilization.

“Pando Populus is in the connecting business, and so we were delighted to be able to pull people together from the LA area to help launch this new brainstorming and listening initiative of Eco Civ’s [Toward Ecological Civilization].  They will be holding similar sessions across the country.  It was terrific to bring key LA leaders together at Trade Tech to help support their launch,”  stated Eugene Shirley, President and Co-Founder at Pando Populus following this exciting event to share and leverage resources.