Planning Meeting for Community Collaboration and 2-14-16 Event at IGM Art Gallery

David Galaviz and Yo Pimiro discuss Fitness Programs for Parks, Schools and Improved Health.  Photos by Lynn Crandall
David Galaviz, Yo Pomiro and Mike Saijo discuss 3D virtual Reality, community art installations, History of Lincoln & Boyle Hts.
Yo Pomiro, Mike Saijo and Robert Donin discuss collaboration with Public Officials and Policy
David Galaviz tests Oculus Rift 3D virtual reality equipment& discusses community use
January 21, 2016 - 9:00am - 10:30am
USC Community House, Civic and Community Relations Office

David Galaviz, executive director of USC Local Government Relations, hosted this meeting to discuss community collaborations with USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery representatives: Lynn Crandall, Gallery Director, Robert Donin Chair, Public Policy Committee, Mike Saijo, Chair Young Professionals Committee and Yo Pomiro, Chair Nutrition, Exercise and Jobs Committee.  As USC’s liaison with local government agencies and large civic institutions, Galaviz is responsible for advocating on behalf of the university; establishing and maintaining relationships with city and county government leaders; and promoting the university’s academic mission, community partnerships and public service agendas.

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Mike Saijo explained his Soft Machine Project and the 4 exhibitions he's organized with IGM Art Gallery curators to demonstrate the similarities between cell behavior studied by molecular biologists and human behavior studied by the School of Social Work and USC's departments of Psychiatry, Psychology.  He shared break through steps being made in 3D Virtual Reality and brain imaging.  Mike told of his work at Lincoln High School, where he's shared with students, faculty and alums his art work on the history of Ethel Andrus Percy, former Lincoln High School Principal, who founded, first the Teachers Retirement Fund and then the Nation's retirement fund, AARP, with her development partner,  Leonard Davis.

Yo Pomiro explained the history and health aspects of his SPOTBALL project and the mental focus, nutrition and athletic exercise applications he's developed.  He outlined the SPOTBALL manufacturing project he's discussing with EL ARCA CEO, John Menchaca.  Pomiro envisions dynamic collaborations with LAUSD schools, nonprofit and faith-based organizations.

Robert Donin, IGM Art Gallery Public Policy Committee Chair informed the group of the links he saw between local, county, state and Federal  public officials and these projects defined by his colleagues at the meeting.

Lynn Crandall shared the IGM Art Gallery's plans for an upcoming Forum framed by the exhibitions, Free Will/Positive Moment by Mike Becker and Spiritual Matrices: Poetic Prayers and Penlight Performances by Susan Sims-Hillbrand, to bring leaders from the Public, Private, Nonprofit, Faith-Based, Academic and Media sectors together to discuss in open minded discussion steps leading to the proposed 2022 - 2024 LA World's Fair and 2024 LA Olympics. The Gallery's mission is to incubate social capital through collaboration and shining a light on the challenges, resources and ideas for next steps to develop community capacity building. "Organizing more interdependent events and pilot projects that serve to bring people together in interdependent, mindful stewardship of self, others and the planet," she said, "will help us prepare to host successful global events in Los Angeles and generate a bright future for the next generation."