Spiritual Matrices: Poetic Prayers & Penlight Performances by Susan Sims Hillbrand at the USC IGM Art Gallery

Vessel          8"x10"         Chromogenic Print    Susan Sims Hillbrand
Alchemy        8"x10"         Chromogenic Print    Susan Sims Hillbrand
Father           8"x10"         Chromogenic Print    Susan Sims Hillbrand
Muse            8"x10"         Chromogenic Print    Susan Sims Hillbrand
Elsewhere       8"x10"         Chromogenic Print    Susan Sims Hillbrand
Guardian Angels     8"x10"         Chromogenic Print    Susan Sims Hillbrand
November 15, 2015 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm
USC Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery 2250 Alcazar Street, LA 90033

Los Angeles, Ca – October 19, 2015 –The exhibition, Spiritual Matrices by Susan Sims Hillbrand opens to the public with a reception on Sunday, November 15, 2015 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the USC IGM Art Gallery, 2250 Alcazar Street, 2nd Floor, and continues through February 26, 2016. CLICK for DIRECTIONS

Are shadows real? How does one define their properties?  Do auras exist and, if so, why? Can the Scientific Method used to explore cell behavior be applied to the study of human behavior? These are but a few questions about dynamical systems prompted by Spiritual Matrices. 

IGM AG exhibitions and programs are designed to inspire discussion and collaboration to better understand and manage change and ensure a bright future for upcoming generations. Education and cultural events explore the costs and benefits to mankind in the context of longevity of the physical body and the quality of life and culture of all members of the global family. The IGM’s research scientists develop medical theory and practice and in association with them, the curators and artists of the Gallery explore the application of the scientific method to other systemic disciplines. Our exhibits explore the why and how of process and the benefits to mankind of the increased awareness they generate.

Hillbrand’s exhibition, Spiritual Matrices, composed of text Poetic Prayers and photographic Penlight Performances, springs from her search to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of essential, life-affirmative human behavior and her belief that we are all capable of sharing and leveraging our inner light.  Urged by her belief that our physical forms are enlightened by spirit able to self-guide on a personal inner path, she has created images and text to inspire discussion that can awaken individuals to be mindful path finders in these times of uncertainty and geopolitical chaos. Her words and images evoke personal receptivity and prompt recognition of a resilient internal locus guiding from within and devoted to mindful discipline able to fend off daily adversities.

Hillbrand believes spiritual antennae recognize our energies and sharpen our senses, once we birth awareness. The images and text that compose her recent book, Spiritual Matrices: Poetic Prayers & Penlight Performances will be accompanied at the IGM Art Gallery's opening reception by a live presentation including a musical thread.  Composed by her son, Kyle Hillbrand, the music performance enhances and brings the Penlight Performances and Poetic Prayers alive and interactive with audience members. The combination of words, images and music provides a powerful, transformative tool for individual internal growth and cross department, cross organization sharing and leveraging of social and financial capital.
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