USC IGM Art Gallery, Overseas Trade& Investment Office of Busan Metropolitan City of Korea and USC Regulatory Science Summer Exchange Program meet to discuss global opportunities

Summer exchange program students at the International Regulatory Science Center
Dr. Pacifici, Lynn Crandall Kelly Kang, Asst. Mgr. and Hyeon Ju Park, General Director Busan Trade
Lynn Crandall and General Director, Jason Park
Kelly Suhyeon Kang; Mr. Park; Alex Choi, USC Alum and Manager at Busan Trade & Dr. Pacifici
July 20, 2016

Alex Choi, USC alum and Office Manager at The Overseas trade & Investment Office of Busan Metropolitan City of Korea attended the July 10 opening reception for the Inner Self/Outer World exhibition by artists Wonju Choi and David Jang at the IGM Art Gallery.  There he met with Dr. Eunjoo Pacifici and 30 of her  exchange students in the International Center for Regulatory Science Summer Program.  That meeting led to our follow up meeting on July 20 with Dr. Pacifici and her students at the Center.  Dr. Pacifici presented her vision of a global health industry and the many jobs at all levels available to students in all countries who are educated in sharing and leveraging existing resources and know how to comply with regulatory science and business practices.  Mr. Park explained how their process works in Korea and discussed with Dr. Pacifici ways students could benefit from exchange in both directions.

The International Center for Regulatory Science was established in 2011 as a federation of activities, in which research, international outreach and education are central missions. Within the Center are located a number of programs including:

  • A graduate education program directed at Regulatory Science and the Management of Drug Development, that reports academically through the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy.
  • An international outreach and support program, that manages our international exchange and scholarship programs.
  • A research consortium with a focus on translational and regulatory research, with an affiliation to the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute in the Los Angeles Basin.
  • A regulatory consulting group, that assists faculty from USC and other academic partners with advice and education related to translational and regulatory questions.
  • The Center is housed on the first floor of the Center for Health Professionals where it serves as a hub, providing infrastructure and services to the participants in the Center.

The International Center for Regulatory Sciences works through international partnerships with universities, non-profit organizations and industry across the globe. They partner in two ways:

  • Formal memoranda of understanding with other players on specific projects or objectives. Two such partnerships in which we are currently engaged are with Wonju Techovalley Medical Device Consortium in Korea, and Beijing Pharma in China. These partnerships include both educational activities designed to promote global interchange regarding regulatory topics, and to facilitate joint work and regulatory advice for product development ideas.
  • Informal partnerships and visits with the aim of fostering exchange and professional development. These include interactions with several universities to facilitate faculty exchange and student opportunities abroad.

The International Center hosts visiting scholars from other countries who participate in the research, outreach and educational activities of the Center. Individuals interested in joining the Center for periods of 3-12 months normally are responsible for their transportation and living expenses and must meet eligibility requirements for the US J-1 visa. While at the Center, office space, administrative support and access to graduate coursework is provided. Visiting Scholars, such as those in Dr. Pacifici's program, are encouraged to develop research goals that might be accomplished in collaboration with other members of the USC community.

The Busan Trade Office Los Angeles is a non-profit organization which markets & promotes Companies & Products from Busan City, Korea.  Dynamic  Busan City is the second largest  city in Korea, and the fifth largest container port in the world.  The Busan Trade Office in Los Angeles is a member of the LA/Busan Sister City Association and both are working in collaboration with the USC IGM Art gallery to establish lasting relationships with public, private, nonprofit, faith-based, academic and media organizations to develop inclusive, noncompetitive, transparent and accountable practices in healthcare, education, business and community capacity building locally and globally.

The USC Institute for Genetic Medicine art Gallery organizes events and programs that bring together public, private, nonprofit, faith-based, academic and media leaders to develop inclusive, noncompetitive, transparent and accountable relationships for local and global incubation of social capital.  The Inner Self/Outer World exhibition is the heart and soul of the Gallery's work through October.  During this four month period, thinking about stewardship of our inner selves and how we translate our moral and compassionate outreach to the globe is the inspiration of all our events and meetings as this one with Dr. Pacifici and her students.

The Inside Self/Outside World exhibition,  that prompted excellent discussions during the opening reception and resulted in this meeting at the Regulatory Science Center, will be open to the USC community and the public for more discussion on exchange,  trade and community capacity building from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through the end of October.  The Gallery is open for events and programs on weekday evenings and Saturday and Sunday by appointment.  

Organizations interested in producing events may contact us at lynn.crandall@gmail.com or 213-705-7489