Creating A Healthy Life Forum YouTube

Aug 29, 2013

Creating A Healthy Life - an exhibition by Dr. Howard Murad frames Global Health Forum at IGM Art Gallery

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Envisioning a new paradigm for American medicine, forward thinking leaders at this forum on August 29, 2013, suggested a future for social and physical health care that depends on individuals deciding to create a healthy life for a new generation of patients as well as health care practitioners. "Learning to look 'upstream' for the social and environmental sources of contemporary systemic challenges is the first step in creating a healthy life, stated Moderator, Rishi Manchanda, MD.

If our high-cost, sick-care systemic process is to become a high-value, social and physical health care system, the 'upstreamists', as the forums's moderator Dr. Rishi Manchanda calls them, will show us the way, while at the same time respecting the valuable infrastructure already in place to ensure healthy people in a healthy social system.

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